Our Services

Our Services

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

G.R.'s Pest Control specializes in the management of Scorpions.
Other services we provide include applications for, *Ants * Spiders * Roaches * Crickets * Rodents * Bees * Earwigs * Silver Fish * Fleas * Ticks *.

G.R’s Pest Control will look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations and prevent future invaders. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we will ensure long-term success of your pest control service. We provide service programs monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly depending on your individual needs or we can perform one-time treatments. All treatments include service sites encompassed of the interior, exterior and lawn areas of your home or business.

G.R’s Pest Control will not burden you with an obligating contract; instead we offer you the flexibility and control of your service and the ability to choose the schedule that works for you. All of our services come with a 30 day guarantee. We do a great job first time every time; this is our personal guarantee to you! If you happen to encounter any problems, please give us a call and we will willingly address any concerns you may have with your service.

G.R.'s Pest Control uses only EPA approved and recommended freshly mixed chemical for every application. Our odorless products do not leave a residue, marks and/or stains. Our products are safe for your family and pets as soon as the product dries. We apply products in places that SCORPIONS burrow and breed.

G.R.'s Pest Control is determined to provide the BEST Customer Service and Pest Control Services available. Our technicians are meticulously background checked and registered with the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission to insure that superior customer service. If you ever have any questions about our technicians, training, insurance, or license requirements please feel free to call the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission: 1-800-223-0618


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